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Fauna Surveys & Studies

Fauna Solutions staff are highly skilled in providing a variety of ecological services for a range of clients, including coal seam gas, mining, construction, residential and industrial developers, government departments and other land users. Some of the services we can offer are:-

  • Habitat Assessments and Mapping
  • Species Management Programs
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Threatened Species Plans
  • Species Monitoring Programs
  • Baseline Fauna Surveys
  • Targeted Fauna Surveys
  • Species Inventories

Fauna Solutions are able to tailor a survey or program to the particular target group to ensure quality results. We have a large inventory of equipment at our disposal, including pitfall traps, funnel traps, Elliot traps, camera traps, hair tubes, ANABAT recording devices, harp traps, and spotlighting equipment.

Fauna Solutions staff have a sound understanding of government fauna survey guidelines, ensuring surveys are completed in an ethical, compliant and objective manner that ensures satisfaction for all stakeholders. Fauna Solutions operate under all appropriate permits and animal ethics approvals, and are capable of providing standard baseline fauna surveys right through to multi-year threatened species monitoring programs.