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Spotter-Catcher Services

Most development approvals for projects that involve the clearing or disturbance of land will require a Fauna Spotter/Catcher. Their role is to minimise the impact on native fauna and ensure that all wildlife is relocated outside of the clearing zone, both prior to and during clearing or trenching activities.

Fauna Solutions has amassed a team of highly experienced Fauna Spotter/Catchers, who have a vast amount of “on-the-ground” experience and can work seamlessly with your crew to ensure work is completed in an efficient timeframe. Our team possesses a tremendous amount of experience with the identification, handling and care of all native Australian wildlife.

Fauna Solutions have developed a three-tiered process for managing fauna in clearing zones and trenches. This process allows for a streamlined clearing procedure, which in turn minimises disruptions to machines and operators and ensures full legislative compliance.

Our team is fully equipped, with mine-compliant vehicles, all necessary equipment, a high level of venomous snake handling experience and all relevant permits, insurance, procedures and Safety Management Plans. To compliment this high level of service, Fauna Solutions also offer very competitive rates.

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