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About Us

Fauna Solutions Pty Ltd is a Queensland based fauna consultancy and management company specialising in supplying fauna spotter catchers, conducting fauna surveys, designing and implementing fauna management programs and undertaking habitat assessments and mapping.

Permits, Insurances and Approvals

Fauna Solutions Pty Ltd operate under all relevant permits. These include a Scientific Users Permit, a Rehabilitation (Spotter/Catcher) Permit and a Demonstrator’s Permit.

Fauna Solutions has $10,000,000 Public and Product Liability Insurance, as well as $2,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance. All Fauna Solutions staff are covered by WorkCover Insurance.

Health and Safety

Fauna Solutions Pty Ltd have a thorough HSE management plan in place, which ensures a safe and healthy environment for our staff and colleagues to operate in. Fauna Solutions have engaged a third-party health and safety adviser to provide expertise and regular revision of our policies to ensure maximum affectivity and full compliance with legislation.

Fauna Solutions take a proactive approach to health and safety, and will regularly liaise with both new and current clients to ensure our safety plans and systems correlate effectively with those we are working with.


Fauna Solutions Pty Ltd pride ourselves on supplying quality, experienced staff who have a passion for both conservation and client satisfaction. All of our staff possess a wide array of relevant qualifications, including the following –

  • Construction White Card
  • Generic Coal Board Induction (Standard 11)
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Operate Light Vehicle In The Field (4x4 Course)
  • Open Manual Drivers License
  • Arrow Energy Inductions
  • QGC Inductions

Jonathan Lucas


Jonathan has a long working history as a consultant and wildlife educator. In 2006, he founded a successful company specialising in delivering corporate training and awareness with regards to native Australian wildlife, particularly venomous snakes. During this time, ecological companies sub-contracted his business to provide fauna surveys, wildlife spotter/catchers and fauna management services. Prior to this, Jonathan was engaged by Venom Supplies Pty Ltd to manage a portion of the largest collection of venomous snakes in Australia.

Jonathan has a comprehensive skillset that includes planning and implementing fauna surveys, developing and applying species management plans, designing and conducting threatened species monitoring programs, report writing and project management.

Timothy Jackson BSc

Senior Ecologist

Timothy is an experienced ecologist, having coordinated and lead both targeted and baseline fauna surveys. Timothy has also being employed at several wildlife parks and zoos, including Singapore Zoo and Sydney Wildlife World. Timothy has extensive experience with all types of native Australia wildlife, and is currently devoting his time to his PhD project on the evolution of venom in Australian venomous snakes.

Kris Smith

Fauna Spotter/Catcher

Kris is a proficient fauna spotter/catcher, with a wide scope of experience ranging from small-scale residential clearing lots to large-scale coal seam gas and mining projects. He is competent in identifying, capturing and relocating all native species including venomous snakes, and has a thorough knowledge of all relevant legislation to ensure compliance during clearing activities.

Nicholas Stock

Fauna Spotter/Catcher

Nicholas has recently joined the Fauna Solutions team, having relocated from Weipa in North Queensland where he had been engaged by Rio Tinto Alcan. Nick has a long history of working with wildlife, having travelled extensively throughout Australia photographing hundreds of different species. Nick has worked on many mining and construction sites, resulting in him being a very well rounded fauna spotter.